Extensive reading with Mandarin Graded Readers

Extensive reading is the concept of reading heaps of easy to read materials which you enjoy reading, in order to boost your language ability, as well as simply have fun reading. Read this introduction to extensive reading for Chinese learners for more info.

Here’s some of the resources I’ve found for Mandarin:

  • Mandarin Companion Graded Readers – these are really fun, and available in both physical and ebook format. I’ve bought their complete series (only about 10 books so far). Tip: If you’re reading and get stuck on a character, use the OCR on your phone to quickly look it up.
  • Pleco Ebook Readers – You can find these in Pleco under Addons > Graded Readers. They have around 65 different stories, graded in different levels. These are also pretty good, but not quite as fun as reading a physical book.