Phase 2 Reflections

I spent around 3 months in Phase 2, doing a weekly class schedule of 6 hrs textbook, 7 hrs GPA. Let me tell you, Phase 2 rocks! The wordless picture books activity is so engaging, and learning new words without any English is (a) fun, (b) memorable, and (c) very motivating. Here’s my stats:

P2 AMoral Tale 1295
Moral Tale 22179
Bird & Worm11515
Good Bird295
AlexP 1-69688
P2 BFrog where are you?5469
April Fools10737
P2 CMy life story12928
Teachers life story201166
GPA Phase 2 Activity Log


  • When you’re self-coaching GPA, the weekly prep time needed drops drastically once you hit P2. There’s barely any prep needed for class. So you gain a whole lot more time back (compared to P1) and can focus on your homework (listening to your audio files).
  • As I noted above, P2 is fantastic for creating vivid memories. I found it incredibly engaging, motivating, and memorable. There were lots of laughs with my teacher as we worked through the stories. All of this made the vocab I learnt quite easy to remember.
  • GPA recommends 150 hrs in P2, I only spent 92 hrs. However, I also did around 70hrs of textbook classes in parallel with P2. So I figured I may as well move on to P3 and try it out. The GPA manual suggests similar – move on when you think you’re ready, and you can always move back if the next phase is too hard.
  • The life story activity in P2C is awesome. If you have a religious background, you can use it to learn to share your story. And it was so helpful for beginning to build real relationship with my teacher.
Frog, where are you? (M. Mayer) | Hazme hablar
‘Frog where are you?’ was such a fun book. I still recall it vividly.