This site is a chronicle of my personal adventures in learning Mandarin and using the Growing Participator Approach (GPA) for language learning. GPA is a brilliant and wonderfully effective method, but it’s really hard to find information about it online. So, I’m putting my own experiences and reflections about working through GPA on this blog in the hope of promoting GPA and helping others.

Here’s a bit more my learning situation:

  • I’m studying Mandarin in Taiwan. So I’m also learning traditional Chinese characters, and using the Zhuyin/Bopomofo writing system.
  • Before arriving in Taiwan, I had some basic training in GPA, and did a few sample GPA classes in Indonesian.
  • I’m studying full-time at a private (non-GPA) language school in Taiwan, doing GPA in combination with some traditional Chinese textbooks.
  • Because my language school is unfamiliar with the GPA method, I’m self-coaching my language teachers in how to follow GPA.
  • Also, I have a family, so my time is limited!

If you’ve got GPA questions, feel free to get in touch.